The Importance of Sedimentary Rocks

   In our previous post on the theme of sedimentary rocks, we found out what sedimentary rocks are and their types.
   Now, in this video, we will take a glimpse into the importance of these fascinating sedimentary rocks. As you will find out, they let us draw valuable conclusions about Earths past climate changes (and what their effects), environments of sediment depositions, evolution (by looking at fossils), and others. Moreover, besides being such an important tool for scientific work, sedimentary stones are a valuable economic resource. 
   Fortunately, these amazing sedimentary rocks cover most ( around 70%) of the Earth’s surface. But this fact also makes sedimentary rocks have a tight interaction with the other parts of the environment (such as the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere). In our next publication we will explore in more depth what some of these interactions are, and what effect anthropic activity has on them.

Thank you for watching!

This video was recorded and edited by Victoria Corcimaru for the special theme of the ESM Foundation on sedimentary rocks.